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USA Health Plus : Covid-19 Vaccine, Testing & Validation Tracking

USA health plus is committed to supporting organizations, businesses and other institutions to get back to work safely. Our flexible on-point and remote COVID-19 screening and testing options can be adjusted to meet your association’s requirements and are allowed to support your overall population health, hazard management, and employer return-to-work strategies. Powered by our expansive in-house network of workforce located throughout the country and our diagnostic testing qualifications of USA Plus Health, we can measure to meet your program needs.

USA Health Plus is a one stop service for all corporations. Apart from Covid Testing & Vaccination, we provide state of the art screening and tracking systems to sort and filter employees who are not vaccinated and provide our healthcare experts to test individuals on a weekly and biweekly basis.

#1 Covid-19 Vaccination Tracking - Validation  & HealthPlus Entry Pass

Smart System for managing the vaccination status of employees.

Our team at USA Health Plus is a one-stop service for all corporations. We provide state-of-the-art screening and tracking systems to sort and filter employees who are not vaccinated and provide our healthcare experts to test individuals on a weekly and biweekly basis. Our Testing Tracker and Dashboard access allow the HR managers to see how many team members have taken their test and when they are scheduled for next. Our alert system reports any missed appointments or positive results to the company leadership right away. Read More 

#2 On-Site Covid-19 Testing Services

Employee Testing Services & Rapid Covid Testing for events

As a part of our company outreach, we also provide Rapid Covid testing for events and Expos. Based on the event exposure, we can also be a paid sponsor for your events at the same time offer a local presence to promote our company and also provide Rapid Covid testing for all the attendees. The new regulation per the state mandate and most county regulations, now any event organizer or company must mandate a negative result within 72 hours or a full vaccination card. We can be at the location for your events. If people do not have proof of vaccination or negative result within 72 hours, we can do their rapid test in 15 minutes to avoid sending them home disappointed or having to refund the tickets.

#3 Employee Vaccination Programs

Covid Vaccines

Flu Vaccines

Other Vaccines

#4 Workplace Wellness Programs

Employee Engagement Platform

Employee engagement surveys, analytics, reporting, and insights. See which departments are the most engaged at your company and help improve employee happiness with group challenges, health and steps leader-boards, and more.

Employee Testing Programs

An employee physical and mental wellness platform with your team’s health in mind. From fitness and meditation programs to cooking classes, art workshops and expert-led seminars. We keep your team healthy, happy, and engaged.

Virtual Team-Building Activities

From a virtual happy hour, to a virtual stand up comedian and everything in-between. Ten Spot offers virtual experiences and unique team-building activities designed to keep your employees engaged, active, & happy wherever they are.

Workplace Fitness Program

Employers, however, can have a big impact on their employees’ lives by creating an atmosphere that shows workers that they are valued and appreciated. A workplace fitness program goes a long way in doing just that.

Client Stories

John Wick
    John Wick

    Event Organizer

    Great work by Dr. Shah & his team at the Fashion Week for the model experience at Los Angeles convention centre, where they tested over 2000 attendees.

    Natalie Shaw
      Natalie Shaw

      Human Resource Manager

      Truly a one step destination to take care of our employees for Covid Vaccine and Testing. Their Covid Vaccine Tracker is a boon for us to keep the track of employees' vaccines.

      Tony Will
        Tony Will

        Event Manager

        A boon for us to comply with various covid mandates as the USA Health Plus team takes care of that on behalf of us.