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Vaccination Validation, Tracking and COVID Testing Services- We Do It All !


COVID-19 has completely transformed the  working environment. Employees have always been an asset for the company, so it is their duty to ensure that every employee has taken COVID-19 vaccine. If you are one of the companies who wanted to drive a vaccine center for their employees, USA Health Plus got you covered.


We serve local vaccination sites for employees of the company. In this blog, we will enlighten you with vaccination validation, tracking, and all necessary information of COVID testing service provided by USA Health Plus. We want to put employee wellness first priority and serve them vaccines for better wellness. 

According to the new rules declared by US President, Joe Biden, every employee of the company must be fully vaccinated and require the company to set vaccination drives for non-vaccinated employees. USA Health PLus offers a vaccination tracking system of the employees. We provide a state of the art screening and tracking system for non-vaccinated employees. Moreover, the system will save the health record and keep the result of the routine test secure. We are a HITRUST and FedRAMP compliant system, and configurable to meet HIPAA requirements, you can rest assured your sensitive patient and employee data is safe and secure.

How We Work?

USA Health Plus has a unique yet effective approach for tracking systems. Our service, Health Plus Entry Pass allows employees or attendees to upload their picture, photo ID or vaccine card and fill the valid information. Whenever employees or attendees enter the pass, our system will verify at that moment and provide them with a Health Pass to entry. 


The information includes contact number, so whenever the employee vaccinated entry pass gets a validation link, they will receive a text message. We help to ensure that the person is fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, or non-vaccinated. The pass will track the records and enable companies to follow their individual protocols. Our pass includes a barcode, person’s photo, and a green check mark that verify that they are validated. 


We also provide COVID testing service, where we conduct on-site health testing of COVID for employees. USA Health Plus offers routine check up and testing to maintain a safe environment in the company.

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